If it's wrong to mill yourself, I don't want to be right. When your family isn't looking, use Cathartic Adept , Civilized Scholar  Flip , Tracker's Instincts , Dream Twist, Screeching Skaab , and the second ability of Splinterfright to mill as many creatures into your graveyard as possible. Ignore how many of your creatures have the word "Bone" or "Tree" or "Cathartic" or "Twist" or "Instincts" or "Screeching" or "Splinter" (eww) in them. Just mill yourself until they get bigger or longer or whatever.

The more creatures you have buried, the crazier your Splinterfright, Boneyard Wurm , Ghoultree , and Gnaw to the Bone will become. Clone not only rhymes with "Bone", but it also suits whatever need you may have at the time, and does not transform when mimicking Civilized Scholar  Flip . Your graveyard will ramp up surprisingly quickly, but don't worry about accidentally milling a creature you need. There is enough consistency to where you should rarely have to worry about yanking the right creature.


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