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Deck Mill Engaged - 40 Card Mill - M19

Standard* Combo Control GU (Simic) Mill Ramp Scapeshift



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Don't just mill a card or two at a time! Ya gotta' seize the moment and slam the whole deck into the graveyard!

The deck has differrent ways of procing Psychic Corrosion. Thr combos are fun, but takes a little patience to set up, but relatively easy with the control and ramp element. My other deck was successful, but not consistent enough for me Stump Stomp (w/ a twist) - M19 Standard

Main deck mechanic:

Build your board to 10 mana with either Llanowar Elves, Spell Swindle and two Psychic Corrosion. Use your control cards as well Syncopate, Negate, Blink of an Eye, Spell Swindle, and River's Rebuke for when things get a little crazy. Plus spell swindle returns mana basically!

You've also got sylvan awakening to use your land as blockers if needed. Reach, and indestructible. Then you can River's Rebuke and start them over if needed.

Use Opt, kicked Blink of an Eye, Memorial to Genius, and Weight of Memory for some draw to proc psychic corrosion, or just get the cards in your hand you need.

Scapeshift to thin out and grab the mana you need. Snag that Reliquary Tower if you don't have it.

If you're able to hit this combo early enough with the 2x Psychic Corrosion: Tatyova, Benthic Druid and a Scapeshift! You'll draw all the cards for each land swapped, 1 heath per card drawn, and they'll mill 4 per card drawn. Now youre set you up for the big mill finisher!

Deck Mill engaged! It's pretty sweet to just have the game last and then boom! Sylvan Awakening to turn your lands into creatures. If you got 10 lands, thats 10 creatures! Drop your lady Tishana, Voice of Thunder and draw all them cards!! As you draw a card they'll mill 2 cards per Psychic Corrosion! 40 card mill!

So if you have 7 lands and even 3 Llanowar Elves left, that's still 10 creatures. Tap them Llanowar Elves for the Sylvan Awakening, and then drop your lady Tisha, Voice of Thunder! 40 card mill!

I'm up for suggestions, but that's the concept so far.


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Built it on mtg arena with a few cards swapped out until I can get the last couple cards, but I do have to say it's damn fun with the current deck list. Still want to test it with Patient Rebuilding. It's more versatile than I thought for early, mid, and win conditions. Control, ramp, draw, mill! I've sent entire decks to the graveyard and I gotta say it feels good!


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