Pretty Simple Concept

  1. Mill
  2. Creatures in graveyard bump Splinterfright and Jarad
  3. Use Jarad to Fling Splinterfright for big damage
  4. Kessig CageBoys/ Spider Spawing
  5. Smile as Opponent Cries about "soooo many spiders & wolves"
  6. Celebrate with In n Out :D

+1's appreciated <3


and this has been gathering dust this was the first deck I made when coming back to Magic after a 6 year hiatus.

I am revamping my deck once again and seeing now its modern legal I have so many more options I can utilize in this deck! :D

Golgari Grave-Troll made an epic comeback and its time he found himself a slot :D

taking out slitherhead also added a havengul lich incase i need my cageboys abilities

and 26 +1's thanks everybody for all the love XD

Seriously though It's free counters for any creature, amazing!!!

and took out Tracker's Instinct, overall just a better card using proxys till I can get my hands on the card :D

the deck was lacking a planeswalker so I threw Garruk onto the sideboard XD

Game 1: M&T excellent WIncon vs. Delver: Spiders FTW!!!! 2-1

Game 2: M&T excellent WIncon vs. Mono Green: Easy Win milled everything perfectly and Jarad (proxy) swung for massive damage, second game wolf tokens take it easily 2-0

Game 3: M&T excellent WIncon vs. Solarflare: won first game after a long struggle he got me down to three health, second Game I lost due to bad draw and he popped out all his friends rather quickly! third match lost due to his Sun Titan and friends took him down to six though! 1-2

Thinking about adding Ground seal to protect my graveyard :D Sideboard or Mainboard?

made Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Proxys it makes this deck sooo powerful I fling splinterfrights for massive damage >:D also I dropped gnaw to the bone to sideboard and added an addition swamp and a Woodland Cemetery! and moved my ghost quarter to sideboard as well XD

I want to add GhoulTree to this deck! what should take out?

Took out deranged assistant and added screeching skaabs to speed up the mill :D


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