It mills, it grinds in many different ways. It squirts cards at you and it defends by gumming up the abilities of the other players. The original concept started with the Braingeyser from many moons ago.

Main Combo is Stasis and Time Elemental or Temporal Adept or Capsize .

This slows down play for the big Grind:

Card Draw Craziness: Howling Mine +1 extra card, Font of Mythos +2 extra cards, Kami of the Crescent Moon +1 extra card - and Thought Reflection draw +1 card for each card you draw (note if you use any of the draw cards from the sorcery cards etc it goes crazy). Make this more interesting with Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar - draw 3 cards and keep 1 returning the other 2 to the bottom of the library!

Autogrinder: Many Cards can auto grind opponents decks. If it affects you then bounce it back to your hand.

Couple all of this with Tomoya the Revealer . Draw x cards (x equal to your hand). Hence you need Library of Leng .

Soldevi Digger , Junktroller and Reito's Lantern help to rescue cards from your grave yard to the bottom of your library. Also the Sentinel Totem or Tormod's Crypt can remove other grave yards from the game in an act of coup d'grace.


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