1.) You like to control the entire board and don't mind holding table aggro.

2.) You like taking things from opponents, and using them against them.

3.) You like control playstyle

4.) You like the draw/go play style over tap and go.

5.) Creatures are not your thing, you prefer a well timed spell, and out performing/playing your opponent.

6.) You like winning no matter what, doesn't matter how. A win is a win. It can be a grind, but you got that win.

7.) You like find silly interactions with cards that no one else plays.


1.) You aren't a thinking man and like to tap out to win.

2.) You hate grinding out wins.

Real succes, more pros than cons, so let's get into it!

Sen Triplets, because if there is a way to steal all memes, you can do it! Sen Triplets is not a commander you build around and you can have different approaches, so this is a weird mix between stealing things, pillowfort and hardcore control. Some of the combos on the deck focusing on locking the board or straight up winning, there is only one infinite extra turn combo because I dislike those, secondly to this, I am running Mycosynth and Celestial Dawn so I can fully abuse the Sen Triplets effects stealing my opponents win conditions and playing their stuff, hope you enjoy and can come up with any suggestions...ESPECIALLY THE MANA BASE, PLS

Mycosynth Lattice and Celestial Dawn so we can fully abuse our commander effect and playing our opponent win-conditions, Paradox Haze so we can use Sen Triplets two times on a turn if you are on a multiplayer game, generate card advantage while having control over other players.

Any feedback always appreciated, if you have any suggestion I will keep it in mind, upvote! :D


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