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Jethuth Cwithe, do I got a deck to thow you!

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For thoth of you who don't know me, I'm profethional magic brewer, Mike Tython.

And thath okay! I do too. Thath why we're playing Nathty. The wortht thing you could to to a player, ith to forth them to dithcard their hand. Nath is built around thith idea.

Thtackth is a prithon type build named after Thmokethtack that denith rethortheth to your opponenth. Thith deck spethialitheth in forthed dithcard, and thtackth.

You may be thittin there wondering "Why, Profethional Magic Mike, why do thith to rethpectable playerth?" And the anther ith thimple: Becauth it feelth thpectacular doing it.

You know what I alwayth thay: Everybodyth got a plan, until thomeone cathtth Bottomleth Pit

Dothan the Falling Leeth ith an anti-counter magic thtaple that fortheth opponenth to only play thpellth on their turn.

Athidic Thlime ith a uthful in land dethruction.

Thorn of Amethytht ith one of the many tackthing artifacth.

Curthed Totem hurth thrategieth that require an activation cotht, like Breya, Etherium Shaper

Pothethed Portal fortheth playerth to thkip their draw, dithcard or thacrifith a permanent.

Hall of Gemthtone ith a unique green coloured thtackth effect that maketh all landth produth only one colour of their choothing.

Null Rod hurth any artifact heavy deck that have activation cothtth.

Trinithphere thutth down thuper low-to-the-ground deckth by forthing them to pay more.

Bottomleth Pit fortheth a dithcard at random.

Thphere of Rethithtanth ith another tackthing artifact.

Winter Orb thlowth down the payth of ramp deckth.

Tangle Wire controlth the boardthateth by forthing playerth to tap their thingth.

Thmokethtack fortheth playerth to thacrifith permanenth.

Thilent Gravethtone thutth down graveyard thenaniganth, or abutheth with Thnapcathter Mage.

Mana Web tapth all of a playerth landth

Necrogen Mithtth acts like Liliana of the Veil

Thadithtic Hypnotitht maketh uth of our tokenth and fortheth opponenth to dithcard.

Wordth of Wathte thacrifitheth our draw to enthure they dithcard. Workth wonderth with Geth's Grimoire.

Tho! Ith Thith The Thtyle and Thrategy you're thatithfied with? If tho, thend me a like +1


Updates Add


Ith me, Profethional Magic Mike here to thpread the word on thome updateth to thith litht.

It wath rethently revealed to me that I had Nathty's ability all wrong, and that math hand dithcard effecth like Dark Deal give uth one token per card dithcarded thith way!


Arterial Flow


Delirium Thkeinth

Tathigur'th Cruelty

Boreal Druid


Dark Deal

Wathte Not


Craterhoof Behemoth*

Natural Order*

*Becauthe thometimeth we want to win with aggrethive beath.

Other cardth I'm conthidering:

Ill-Gotten Gaith

Brink of Madneth

Cabal Interrogator

Thankth for thpending the time and getting up to thpeed with the latetht and greatetht in Nathty Thtackth.


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