So I started this deck just as a plain meat and potatoes deck (creatures and lands). I wanted to build something casual just to play around with... it would be taken out by other combo players. So I got tired of it and said, F*** it, I'm building this to win.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed is a general who gives..... a lot of options to win. My deck is based on mana ramping, transmuting, and cycling creatures, to draw into more ramp and make big plays to win the game.

Q:So how do you win?A: There are several options in winning with this deck. Using this deck requires a few key elements. Sac outlet, Returnable creature and either damage or mill. If that fails, then all the ramping I did the whole game will pay off using x-costing spells.

Main Win Conditions:1. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed with any of the following: a. Triskelion Infinite Damage b. Blood Artist and Sac Fodder. 2. Ashnold's Altar or Phyrexian Alter : a. Blood Artist or Falkenrath Noble and any returnable creature. b. Nim Deathmantle and Gray Merchant of Asphodel or Kokusho, the Evening Star

.... and well, pretty much any combination of sac's and draw. There are a lot of ways to win with this. If all else fails, I fall back on Exanguinate . This deck has ridiculous draw engines to keep going.

Q: What keeps you going while trying to combo?A: Text that say "Destroy All" and "Destroy your opponents...ALL." ... As I ramp, I drop bombs every once in a while to keep the board in check. And Tutor into a Oblivion Stone if need be to stop those pesky enchantments.

The key thing to really get the deck going is getting having ramp and mana in your opening hand... I'd even drop that lovely gray merchant just to get more ramp. Chances are, you are going to draw into it again. Very Quickly.


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This deck has gone through many transformations. What started out as many creatures to overwhelm the board has turned to ramping as fast as I can and win the game quickly.

Using Mikaeus, there are many cards that give fantastic synergy using the undying ability. I abuse the hell out of that.

Of course someone is gonna say what if rest in piece is out or they bury your general. Well I've NEVER had an issue with either of those. Why. Because I'm a master at politics and also I can tutor for the answer I need.

That being said. There are a few other win cons in this deck which I can win by without the general. Exsanguinate is the perfect ender with as much mana as I develop. Contamination allows me to win the game by stalling. And because I run so many mana rocks, Death Cloud let's me restart the game with field advantage.

I am proud to say this deck is something people do not like playing. I use this deck at EDH leagues and other small EDH tournaments. However the group of friends I play with all run turn 3 combos. So I have no hate with them playing this deck.

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