Welcome back everybody to the wonderful land of Mono-Blue. I apologize for the hiatus I took on deck building, so this is my gift to you my friends: The ultimate control deck!

Now back in the day, when I made my first deck on this site: deck:unblok-1, I went for more Control Magic type cards rather than Counterspell type cards. The main reason was that I am dumb, and I don't know when to and when not to use a counter, so I preferred to just take things for myself. Well now I have both implemented into this new deck. I simply had to build this deck once I discovered Memnarch , so here we are. Let's get into the details of the deck.

enter image description here

So to start of a deck with a 7 drop commander and a relative 7 mana cost ability, you are going to need some ramp.

So yeah there is quite a lot of ramp in this deck, because of a rather high mana curve, and not just for the commander. This deck revolves around taking control of all the major threats on the battlefield, while at the same time producing your own.

Early on in the game another great card to have is Empress Galina . I considered using her as the commander at first until I found Memnarch , simply because she is a commander that steals other commanders, or any other important cards. Oh Mox Opal ? Mine. While her ability to steal cards is more limited than Memnarch's it is also much cheaper to use and can quickly turn the tide in battle.

enter image description here

In the early stages of this deck I included other methods of taking control like Vedalken Shackles , Control Magic , and Lay Claim , things like that. These cards were removed however once I realized that my commander was really all I needed for taking control, in the late game anyway. So I decided to focus more around that, and try to get some combos going. The nice thing about Memnarch 's ability is that it is not a tap ability, it can be used over and over again provided you have enough mana.

Which brings me to the next part of the late game, going infinite. A great win con of this deck is to generate infinite blue mana, and to use Memnarch's ability infinite times, to take control of all permanents on all battlefields. Lets see how we do this.

Once these combos go off, out comes the control king to take control of all permanents, including lands :)

Well I think that is this deck in a nutshell. Throw off your opponents combos with your control spells, beat your enemies with their own sticks.

Leave an Upvote! Leave a comment! Leave some love! Check out my other decks! My name is TurtleZoom and I will see you next time!



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