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Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man

Modern Aggro Artifact Infect Tron


Do you like Metal? Then you will love this custom made Myr deck!

Running Tron to produce as much colorless mana as quickly as possible before using Semblance Anvil to start casting your Myr and other artifacts for cheaper if not free!

Totally Metal!

Now put some stomach turning infect counters during Kombat! Follow by equiping Cranial Plating on either Inkmoth Nexus/Plague Myr/Ichorclaw Myr and send it home with Rogue's Passage!!! Unblockable infect for win condition 1

But that is NOT enough!

Sure you can win with infect counters but like the legions of Metal's mad Myr fans, lets produce endless Myr with infinite mana!

Using Palladium Myr tap for two mana, hell go ahead and tap ALL of your mana producing Myr, Use one of that floating mana to tap one of TWO needed Myr Galvanizer and untap the legion of Myr! Now... DO IT AGAIN! Build up as much mana as you want and build up a pool of colorless mana deeper than the depths of Hell and sacrifice it all to Myr Matrix producing UNLIMITED MYR TOKENS TO DESTROY THE HORDE! As an alternate Myr Propagator can swallow the mass of mana and EXPLODE into infinite Myr that all tap for.... MORE INFINITE MYR O_O

Now not every Metal man is Myr. Use Steel Overseer to pump the entire metallic mosh at once! With Unwinding Clock in play you can not only pump them on your turn but on your opponents turn as well!

Use Mirrorworks to produce more of your favorite artifacts for only 2 colorless mana. BUT WAIT! Are we not playing artifacts for FREE with Semblance Anvil? May the Metal God's look upon you with favor you mere mortal! This is critical for MORE creatures and filling in Myr Galvanizer when you only have one!

Pesky colored permanents trying to destroy the Metal? All Is Dust will make them wish they had given up before the match even started!!!

When you can produce infinite tokens they will be 4/4 tokens with 2 Myr Galvanizer and one Matrix in play or 3/3 if you used Myr Propagator for your mass of Myr machines. Throw down Akroma's Memorial and start humming Flight of the Valkyries as your Myr take flight to finish off the fight with flair!

Played well this deck can easily pull off a turn 3 win with infect or mid with Metal man mayhem!


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