"Even in New Phyrexia, red mana sparks glimmers of individualism, passion, and freedom."

Urabrask may be Phyrexian, but he and his followers were formed and raised in Red mana. With that comes emotion, desire, free will, and something approaching empathy. As such, Urabrask is no ordinary Phyrexian. Urabrask is a Red being. Urabrask and his army do not hold back, and do not stifle themselves. Unlike what you may think of Red, they also do not act without thinking, or without reason. Urabrask and those he commands act according to their passions. These are those passions.

Mono-Red storm. Make lots of mana, cast lots of spells. Win conditions are some combination of Young Pyromancer, Guttersnipe, Purphoros, God of the Forge, Empty the Warrens, Burn at the Stake and Ignite Memories. There's also a Dragonstorm package, which can win with a storm count as little as five or six. We also pack several infinite combos (namely, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Zealous Conscripts, Twinflame + Dualcaster Mage, and Reiterate + Mana Geyser). Finally, we have a backup plan of just ramping out big hasty dragons and smashing face.

Very much a work in progress. Lots of goldfishing and testing is currently underway. The enormous maybeboard is cards that I either intend to try in the deck at a later date, or cards that I can't afford right now but will buy at some point (namely, Boseiju and Mana Crypt). The sideboard is the wishboard for Burning Wish.


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Insurrection is a very good card. It wins games when it's cast. It is, however, also a very awkward card. You don't ever want it in your opening hand, you don't want to draw into it in the first five turns or so, it's not always good, and, in this deck, it's something we absolutely do not want to draw into off of one of our wheels while we're storming off. That left me with a problem - do I include a one-card win con for when I can't storm off, and risk it being a dead card?

The answer came to me today, when I remembered that Burning Wish exists, and then realized just how insanely good that card is.

We now run Burning Wish, along with a ten-card wishboard. Burning Wish replaced Burn at the Stake, which is a perfect Wish target anyway - it's going to be dead most of the time, but when we do want to cast it, it will win the game.

Along with Burn at the Stake, our wishboard consists of: Anarchy, in order to deal with nasty white enchantments like Rule of Law (though I'm considering replacing this with All Is Dust); Blasphemous Act, as our requisite board wipe, which I'm actually considering moving to mainboard; Boiling Seas, to prevent blue players from disrupting us once we're ready to go off; Flashfires, to hopefully fight off tax decks; Grapeshot, as a storm card that, while an awful mainboard win con in a multi-player, 40-life format, has a lot of potential applications; Hellion Eruption, as an awesome way to make our Young Peezy/Empty the Warrens tokens way beefier, as well as potentially double up on Purphoros triggers (so long as we have less than five devotion); Trash for Treasure, in order to sac a mana rock we've already used in the middle of storming off and do things like recycle a Memory Jar; and Vandalblast, to deal with nasty artifacts.

As you can see, Burning Wish increases our deck's versatility and variety (enough to warrant its own update!). It lets us play a lot of much more situational cards that, while amazing, would often be dead in the mainboard. It lets us play colour hosers, to deal with cards in White and Blue, the two colours with the most ways to disrupt our storm. It also lets us play ways to answer threats, which our maindeck is otherwise too full to accommodate.


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