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Merry Merrow 3.0

Modern* BRG (Jund) Combo UBRG



  1. This is an intricate -combo -deck that will blow your mind.

The brilliant idea is to cast one-mana draw spells with creatures that untap after the spell.

Meet the Creatures

2x Merrow Bonegnawer - untaps after -spells. Also eats graveyards.

4x Blistercoil Weird - untaps after instants and sorceries. Also gets bigger.

3x Akroan Crusader - heroic gives a 1/1 token, which can tap for mana right away as it has haste if you have Cryptolith Rite out.

2x Young Pyromancer - Casting instants and sorceries give 1/1 elemental tokens. Yes pls!

1x Desecration Demon - It's big and it has flying. Ideally cast this on turn 3!

Here's the Magic Juice

4x Cryptolith Rite - Let's you tap any creatures for any mana.

1 CMC Spells that target and draw a card

We want to cast as many of these as possible! Preferably target Akroan Crusader with them.

4x Nighthaze and 4x Aphotic Wisps

How to Win?

1x Torment of Hailfire - This is just savage with X five or more!

1x Empty the Pits - Get lots of zombies. Handy as it is an instant.

2x Past in Flames - Lets you cast everything again from your graveyard. Should be good!

1x Dark Salvation - This can be used as a minor removal, or with 10+ mana as a bomb. Zombies uniquely enter the battlefield untapped!

Attacking with creatures is also a way to win.

Other Spells

4x Duress - As a combo deck we can appreciate the knowledge and the discard.

3x Faithless Looting - Helps to dig out the right cards.

1x Claim / Fame - Lets you bring back a creature from your graveyard, and the aftermath is also handy.

1x Mausoleum Secrets - You can always get Slaughter Pact ! One creature in grave: Dark Salvation , two creatures: Torment of Hailfire .

Seven removals: 1x Beast Within , 1x Abrupt Decay , 1x Slaughter Pact , 1x Tragic Slip , 1x Dark Salvation and 2x Fungal Infection .

Cards to be ready for

Board swipes: Electrolyze , Walking Ballista , Izzet Staticaster , Anger of the Gods , Surgical Extraction .

Graveyard hate: Leyline of the Void , Bojuka Bog , Scavenging Ooze , Tormod's Crypt , Rest in Peace , Relic of Progenitus .

Land Destruction: Blood Moon , Field of Ruin , Ghost Quarter , Fulminator Mage .

Combo hate: Damping Sphere


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