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Mermalade (Beginner's Guide to Merfolk)

Standard Aggro Competitive G/U (Simic) Merfolk Primer



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Simic Tribal Merfolk

Hello, and welcome to Mermalade. Its a joke deck name that developed during a half drunken rant. Marmalade goes on toast, and these Merfolk make your enemy toast, it made more sense then.

Anyways, below are some helpful tidbits of information about the deck and how to play it. Hopefully if you decide to use this deck youll have as much luck as I have had so far.

Since brewing this deck I have played it over 40 times against decks that range from Tier 1 Standard to mostly gimmicky little casual decks.

In that amount of time, I have lost only one game in a set of three! Meaning tournament style play, I lost one whole best of three series out of over 40. Seriously, this deck has turned out better than I had even hoped. Enjoy the deck and feel free to leave suggestions!

The win condition is pretty basic, deal enough damage to your opponent. Theres no real gimmicks here that can be disrupted and ultimately cost you big.

However, there are numerous ways to improve the win condition.

Herald of Secret Streams- This guy here makes any creature with a counter on it unblockable. Merfolk just happen produce counters and work well with other cards that do so.

Metallic Mimic- I have had a love/hate relationship with this card because its super hard to keep on the board. If your opponent knows whats coming, you can bet theyll save removal for him. He produces counters for all other Merfolk entering the battlefield after him.

Vineshaper Mystic- This card is just simply awesome. It may not look like much on the surface, but it provides a decent blocker and 2 counters. Solid 3-4x.

Shapers of Nature- In a pinch this guy can turn counters into card draw, he can even add counters. He is definitely a great addition to the deck. Solid 4x.

Jade Guardian- This card has saved me towards the mid to late game. Hes a hexproof counter generator with evasion. He isnt a 4 of, but having him in the list is a good idea.

Verdurous Gearhulk- This guy wins games, he comes in as a 4/4 body with 4 counters you can distribute amongst your other creatures or just all on him. He cost a little too much to be a 4 of and you dont want to be bogged down with unplayable creatures in the early game. I decided 2 fit the deck really well.

Kumena's Speaker- A one cost creature who is a 2/2 with an Island or other Merfolk out is just a solid card in a tribal mashup. In the later game if you have Metallic Mimic out its a 3/3 for 1. Solid 4x.

Kopola, Warden of Waves - This card is a nightmare for control decks that rely on heavy removal, and you should consider an extra one in the sideboard if thats your meta. Granting a form of evasion to your creatures is awesome, but at 3 mana with a solid body this card is just essential. 2-3x.

Nissa, Steward of Elements- Nissa offers Scry, tutoring, and ultimately an extra creature spell for free. The best way to use her is to load the battlefield by playing her when you have a surplus of mana and blockers. If you dont, then get her out for cheap and use her to get ahold of the spells you need. 2-3x.

Heroic Intervention- This spell doesnt just target one, but all of your creatures. It makes them hexproof and indestructible. In a deck reliant on pure creature power, this helps evade boardwipes and removal that could cost you big.

River Heralds' Boon- Two counters for two mana added onto up to two Merfolk. Cut and dry, but it works better than any other card. Oh, its also an instant, so you can throw the counters on to void a burn spell too.

The way I like to play this deck obviously varies depending on what deck Im playing against. If its an Aggro deck that is reliant on creatures, I may not be able to outpace them. However, I can force them to hold back blockers. If they cant deal lethal before Herald of Secret Streams hits the battlefield, I usually have the power to attack unblocked and win in one swing. If its a control deck with removal, toss in Shapers Sanctuary to increase card draw and then outpace their control playing creatures. Mid-Range decks are really the easiest opponent, they just dont do what Merfolk do and by the mid game youve got em.

I like to rely mostly on early game drops like Kumenas Speaker. A card that seems relatively harmless at first. By turn 4 or 5 though, this card can be a 6/6 and unblockable. Jade Guardian is another great creature to rely on, but you may not be able to pump him up enough for lethal in the early game.

Ultimately, the idea is creating 5-6 moderately big creatures that can swing for lethal when Herald gets played.

Shapers' Sanctuary is a must have against control decks. Without it, you just cant keep creatures on the battlefield in most cases. It also helps to add in Blossoming Defense and take out River Heralds' Boon. The creatures in the deck will create enough counters on their own to keep your game plan going.

Against mid range decks I like to keep the deck almost identical to the main board, Ill add in cards based on the opponents deck. In most cases traditional midrange decks wont have the amount of removal that control decks do.

Against aggro, you have to have some patience. Swing when you have the advantage early or when they dont have the creature power to kill your stuff. Build your combos for unblockable damage. Win.

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