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Merieke and Stitch

Tiny Leaders


Merieke's control...either through stealing your opponents' creatures or destroying them (Through untapping) is key for stalling your opponents until the real combo goes off bringing the win...

This deck wins through the infinite combo between Intruder Alarm and token producing creatures (and mana producing creatures) i.e. Thraben Doomsayer or a combo of Silver Myr and Puppet Conjurer . Creature taps to make token, token enters battlefield, all creatures untap, repeat.

Once this hits four things could happen...

--Merieke clears the field of all opponent's creatures

--Infinite tokens (Esp. 5/5 Demons)

--Reusable counterspell...activate a token ability target spell with either Disruptive Student or Mundungu repeat before spell resolves if necessary.

--Ping opponents to death using Rootwater Hunter , Prodigal Sorcerer or Zuran Spellcaster

In short...the combo brings total control.

For a great budget version...pull Chromatic Lantern and Enlightened Tutor for things like Mana Cylix or Traveler's Amulet and/or hand filter's such as Merfolk Looter ...this should drop the cost to around $15!

Thoughts/comments are welcome.


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