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merican Bouncy Heroe Midrange Aggro

Modern RGWU RUW (Jeskai, America)


Hi tempo low cost creature aggro making the most of targeted trigger abilities using both heroic and rebound to 2 for 1 off of triggers with some removal bombs and revololving around unblockable and protection spells keep my creature base safe..works well against other aggro playing like they arent even there. Card draw and.removal plus scry keeps me at odds with control and opponent overloading with control.If late game occurs sword of feast,CYCLONINC rift, sweep quickly havi g double strike always in hand to.end game. Deck was a evolved spinoff version made modern from a standard heroic build I wanted to hit regionals even state with. I hope and believe that this build is cometive an I have suprised many top tier deck playing it.


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