It was seeing a merfolk card that my older brother had that first drew my attention to MTG. The first time I ever played Magic, I purchased two pre-constructed decks from the Lorwyn block. Elvish Predation, and Merrow Riverways. I played the Elves and my brother played the Merfolk. He beat me every time. At the beginning, I connected with the artwork, as they portrayed Merfolk as I had always mlimagined them. As I got older, I connected with their mechanics, as they embody my particular flavor. But enough about me. On to my deck (:

This is a Modern variation of my favorite Tribal deck. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. It takes the usual aggressive approach, with an unusual amount of control. It floods the field with fishies, pumps them up, and makes them unblockable, while locking down your opponent with counterspells that dish out fish at the same time!


Lord of Atlantis and Master of the Pearl Trident are a given in any Merfolk deck. +1/+1's and Islandwalk for all other Merrow ASWELL as a 2/2 creature with a CMC of TWO! There is a reason they are staples of any fish diet. Because they ROCK!

Merfolk Sovereign is similar to the above mentioned Merrow but just different enough. Giving all other Merfolk +1/+1 and reserving an avenue to unblockability independent of my efforts at Islandwalk.

Once Lullmage Mentor is out, a token is produced every time I counter a spell (which is, uh, all the time,) plus it acts as a counterspell itself.

Oh, beloved Wanderwine Prophets. If you weren't a goner before them, you will be after them. Once you secure an extra turn, the game is yours!

The goal is to stop your opponent from playing a single card, starting around T4, for the duration of the game. It's the ultimate protection, and once Lullmage Mentor is out, each counter begets a token.

Thassa's Rebuff and Spell Syphon have yet to fail me due to the heavy color weight of my creatures and the total blueness of this deck.

Remand is a counter which also provides a much needed draw.

Cryptic Command because it is THE shit.

And Cyclonic Rift takes care of anything troublesome that may have gotten out before my counterspell onslaught began, and when in a pickle, the overload option is the piece de resistance.

THE ARTIFACT: Aether Vial to bring in the folks while keeping mana open for counters.

THE MAYBIES: are good suggestions that warrent further play testing.

Go ahead, draw a hand, get a taste. The sideboard is non-existant, so any recommendations are welcome. I am always open to suggestions, so don't hesitate to give'm.


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Welp... face palm worthy mistake: improperly playing Chalice of the Void Must find replacement counterspell... suggestions? I've got Spell Pierce in right now... not sure I'm feelin it. Open to opinions.

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