Meren’s Thousand-Eyed Army [Primer]

Commander / EDH Control_Train

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Sept. 10, 2017


  • Diabolic Intent - I mean it's a second Demonic Tutor, but the downside is an upside in this deck
  • Treasure Keeper - honestly this just seems like fun and it's value, it will hit 47 cards in the deck
  • Westvale Abbey  Flip - a 9/7 flying, likelink, indestructible, haste is a scary creature that helps block and regain some life lost from Razaketh
  • Woodland Cemetery - just another dual land
  • Shaman of Forgotten Ways - seems kind of funny, and not a bad way to close out the game


    • Undercity Informer - got put in as an alternate win condition, but honestly the deck doesn't need it and the sacrifice is so mana-intensive that it isn't worth it
    • Scout the Borders - it's just a more expensive Grisly Salvage, and I couldn't find anything else that warranted going out; this is a card that was originally in for self-mill but is no longer needed
    • 1 Forest and 1 Swamp - going down to 22 basic lands is perfectly fine, that's still 22 targets for Sakura-Tribe Elder
    • Blood Pet - it unfortunately enables an infinite combo with the deck and this was the piece of that combo that was least disruptive to the rest of the deck to take out