This is meren grave value for commander. The deck is a kind of soft stax kind of deck with a deep creature toolkit and some solid tutor. There are a lot of meta cards I could include but this is new in a new and growing playgroup so I am curious to see how it changes over time.



spiritwarden says... #1

Have you considered adding zulaport cutthroat as a second blood artist? it's a cheap converted mana costcreature and can be "cheated" by Meren's experience counters later in the game.

November 7, 2017 10:44 p.m.

rockets_meowth says... #2

I have considered zulaport cuttthroat. He is really good for the "each player" wording, getting around targeting. The reason I like blood artist better is that board wipe allows every creature (even ones I don't control) to trigger his drain ability. From a strictly "what is best" kind of level, having both would be good, but I don't always focus on getting phyrexian altar/zombie/gravecrawler/zulaport cutthroat as the main win con. I normally focus on more of a stax/control playstyle and see what my opponents play.

Zoomed out even more, I don't run many creatures that are copies of abilities essentially in my toolbox. I only run fleshbag marauder instead of him and the other orc creature that does the same thing. Same with caustic caterpillar and viridian zealot, I am just running the one. I would rather have different mana cost and different functions (come into play vs sacrifice) so that I have lots of different options.

November 8, 2017 8:39 a.m.

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