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So this deck is all about Grimgrin and his minions!The main idea is to get Grimgrin out and hit them till you win, and most of the other cards follow along the path of "Greatness, at any cost", but more to the ideals of "Glorious Leader Grimgrin", and that they should give their lives for him.

I have my first infinite combo in here, with Grimgrin, Gravecrawler, Blood Artist/Diregraf Captain/Vengeful Dead, and Rooftop Storm, for infinite sac'ing of Gravecrawler, bringing him back again, and dealing damage/getting +1's infinitely.

I have quite a few mill cards, which I use either for selfmill/dredge, and pick and choose things out of there I can use, whether to recast it with Havengul lich, get the useless things out for tokens, or exile for other fatties and whatnot! There's a few enchantments, counterspells, and other things that are in there just for hoppin on Grimmy's dick to keep him alive longer, and most of, if not all of the counters give me card draw.

Everything in the acquire board probably won't be going in because my wallet is glued shut for now, and I'm not sure when I could even get some of the cards.

Open to criticism, feedback, and help!


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