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Mega Thrusters are go! (HELP WANTED)

Legacy Artifact Casual Mono-White Voltron



So this is my first deck since starting magic in january. The idea came from another deck here on tapped out and some suggestions given by others. The idea of the deck is mostly the same as the one its based off of. Here's the deck

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Also, after gathering most of the cards listed, im on a budget as for what to add or upgrade, but I plan on working on this deck long term, so budget solutions as well as big cost cards would be helpful.


So the idea behind the deck is to limit what my opponent does with Silent Arbiter, Maze of Ith and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, using Swords to Plowshares or Path to Exile for removal on anything I cant handle. Then use Stoneforge Mystic to pull out all my equipment and dump it on either Kor Duelist or Mirran Crusader which would be unblockable because of protection against their colors from the swords.

So I actually wanna change the creature base a bit, or maybe just the deck itself. I was thinking something like knights or artifact creatures, maybe even change the deck to modern and splash for another color though, not sure though. Any and all help would be appreciated


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