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Base idea is to rush out Horde for early threat. Using Faithless looting to fill the grave or the other sac effects then get off reveilrk over and over. Suggestions are wanted and needed!



WakeTFU says... #1

Awesome deck! +1 for sure :)

That said, -2 Browbeat right away. Gross.

What is grinning Ignus doing in there?

-1 Grinning Ignus

The nova chasers look out of place. I like sneaking them into play with Incandescent Soulstoke after playing an Evoke guy like Mulldrifter, but it's not actually that game breaking and it won't happen very often to begin with, so I'd take them out too.

-3 Nova Chaser

What's your primary win condition? I see you can pull some crazy shenanigans with Horde of Notions and Reveillark but I think that that's probably too slow and clunky.

-2 Horde of Notions

-2 Reveillark

Brighthearth Banneret is so close to playable, but I think he's unnecessary overall, since I'll be adding Aether Vial.

-2 Brighthearth Banneret

So far that's -12

I would then add

+1 Mulldrifter

+1 Faithless Looting

+4 Rage Forger

+4 AEther Vial

+2 Flamekin Harbinger

This not only makes you far more aggressive, but you're strictly 3 color now with black being a very very minor splash (you could totally take out the Nameless Inversion s for Lightning Bolt or something, so you can take out the vivid lands/Vesuvas and replace them with scars lands and basics.

Again, +1 to your deck, I just think it should be more aggressive is all.

August 14, 2012 6:42 a.m.

Kenshin_Kamiya says... #2

+1 I'd say the only 2 things missing would be Hostility and Malignus

August 14, 2012 12:30 p.m.

Terramune says... #3

Woops. Grinning Ignus was in there to abuse the Bannerets and give me an infinite mana loop. I originally had Banefire in here to abuse that fact. Its just something I forgot to cut. Primary win con would be creature massing with Reveillark , or just control the state of lands on their side. I ment to have 3 Reveilarks in here actually. Basically the Chaser's were ment to abuse the enter play with Reveilarks or Mulldrifter . Now personally I refuse to play with more than 2 Flamekin Harbinger as I find multiple play bad since you sometimes need those mana draws. Browbeat is getting dropped thou. Testing has shown its a bad idea.

Also if I owned some AEther Vial 's I would totally agree with the Rage Forger /Vial abuse, but I cant drop the 40$ to get any some time soon.

As for Malignus , I find Horde of Notions ' haste and trample to be better than a 10/10 before any dmg is dealt.

~~~~~~~Now a few cards I have been thinking about are Simian Spirit Guide to let me play Smokebraider on T1, or Soulstoke on T2. Instead of Nova Chaser, i was also thinking about Restoration Angel as it does have flash and does the same thing that I would like.

August 14, 2012 3:27 p.m.

goldcharizard says... #4

Not having played much modern but the old school elemental decks...This deck can be abusive of come into play effects. That being said you missed one super elemental. he may be a little out of place but is a different win condition. Avenger of zendikar...Lets see them deal with that dropped turn 3 with soulstoke out....6/6 with two (maybe 3) little dudes that keep growing...Fun! and bring him back from the grave with Hoarde...yeah that could be good. However just with what is up here...I think the first comments have some good points but some bad ones as well. I would not put in gorger if your not running vial...and the problem is most of these are not shamans either. I would however if your doing revilarke combo's put in dust elemental...Can anyone say value? I know i can. as for a target well its not exactly an elemental but having 4 ranger of eos allows you to dump your deck into play. Just some options for you

February 14, 2013 3:50 p.m.

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