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Mechanize Your Clues, WIN!

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A Standard Mechanized Production Clue / Control deck. This is an all-in deck (i.e. I really only want to win via Mechanized Production, but I guess I'd take a win via creature attack if I had to). Please make suggestions.

I try to have approximately equal distribution of card 'types' in my decks, and it works out like this here: Of the 36 non-land cards, 13 are control cards, 12 are creatures, and 11 are essentially solely Clue generation/Mechanized Production.

I'm considering looking for a better creature to fill the slot of Byway Courier . I know he helps with Clue generation, but may be willing to give that up for something else in green oo blue (preferably a creature).

Also, the sideboard was thrown together quickly, so help me out there too.

EDIT: Just swapped out Byway Courier for Graf Mole .


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Went 2-1 on Game Day with this deck. Slow, but fun to play when it worked.


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