I know, I keep coming back to artifacts. I have a lot of fun playing them, and I have a pretty awesome arsenal in my collection. This time around, I wanted to make use of some of the new planeswalker cards that I picked up in War of the Spark, as well as playing around with the Partner Commanders that appeared in the Breya pre-built, now that Breya is no longer EDH legal lol.

 For this deck, I decided to focus more on proliferating artifacts on the field, as well as bringing artifacts back from the graveyard, giving me some versatility against many deck techniques. Some key cards:


I love this card. Ever since my best friend introduced me to the game and explained the competitive deck he had built around this card during the Alara block, I felt it was a necessity in every artifact deck I built. It provides me with constant board wipes amongst my opponents, while offering very little problems for myself. Any artificers/planeswalkers that are affected by this artifact can easily be brought back out of my graveyard later with other strategies within this deck.

Stuffy Doll + Pariah's Shield

Key combo in this deck. By bringing Stuffy Doll to the field and attaching Pariah's Shield to it, I effectively discourage my opponents from attacking me. If they do, the targeted player will receive all of the damage, while encouraging them to attack the targeted player themselves. If that player is eliminated, I can find a way to flicker or sack/regen it to target someone else, but even if I am unable to do so, it still provides an excellent shield for me, even if my opponents find a way to clear my side of the board.

Storm Cards

 When these "Storm Cards" came out in the Commander 2018 sets, I initially thought that they wouldn't play as well as it seemed. Even if you chanced to play them effectively, you were still only looking at maybe 4 kicks of these spells, as you're not likely to want to resummon your Commander too often due to the recast penalty. However, this obstacle is overcome through the use of 2 Commanders. As they are generally low-cost, the penalty is not as severe, and the cards do not specify that it you have to choose which Commander triggers its effects. In this case, you could trigger their effects upwards of 6-8 times easily by combining the amount of times each Commander was brought back to play. This could easily end matches in endgame.


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