Surprise your opponent with things you wouldn't expect from a green deck! Destroy their land, gain life, attack using creatures with haste until the time is right to bring out your big Meanies! That is if you haven't already demoralized and demolished them!
This deck has been in the works since before I acquired the original after making a bulk purchase/buyout from a fellow player in middle school (99-00). At the time I had been playing with a deck I called "Remember to Recycle Your Elves" and soon got the idea to combine the two. Keeping his original name of "Meanie" I soon found my newly concocted deck aka Meanie v2 to be nearly unbeatable. I went undefeated with Mv2 for over 200 games in a row in high school though I never got into tournament. As new sets came out and game play changed it continued to evolve. However it was stolen in 2004. Devastated, I boxed my cards up and put them away. About a year ago I made some new friends and found out that some of them played so I decided to rebuild and update my Meanie deck as best as I possibly could from memory. Of course certain cards like Gaea's Cradle are far too expensive now to repurchase however this new version has proven extremely powerful, much like the original, in "casual" play and soon got dubbed "Trampling Roots" by one of my friends.


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Updated sideboard with 2 Fade into Antiquity, 2 AEther Web and a Hornet Queen Now to obtain them.


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