Concept: Naya Burn. Count to 20 >:)

What You Do: Win.

Playing the Deck: Most of the maindeck is pretty self-explanatory, but you may need to change what you do slightly, depending upon the deck you're facing. For instance, against Infect, I'm going to want to send something like a Lightning Bolt at a Glistener Elf on my turn, rather than on their turn or at their face. Static damage is good damage (and honestly is what I always hope for when drawing a fresh seven), so always hope you can lay down some creatures like a Goblin Guide or Wild Nacatl in early turns.

Other Tips: Be aware of interactions with Monastery Swiftspear and your burn cards. Don't underestimate a timely Atarka's Command or even Lightning Helix. Start throwing your "worst" burn spells first. For instance, for your first play, you would want to send out a Lava Spike, rather than a Lightning Bolt, in case you may need to burn off a creature, do burn at instant speed, or whatnot later in the game. Fetchlands thin out your deck, making you more likely to draw burn or something else other than a land. Fetchlands also help you set off Searing Blaze, so keep an uncracked fetch sitting around if you don't need to immediately use it in case you draw into a Searing Blaze.

Previously Used Main Deck Cards:

Skullcrack. Great card, but I wanted to try a playset of Atarka's Command. In all reality, Both Atarka's Command and Skullcrack should likely be played at a split of 3-3, but I couldn't figure out what to drop -- so in order to test and play Atarka's Command, it takes up the Skullcrack slot in the deck for now. Seemed like the obvious choice.

Lightning Helix. I really like this card, but a lot of decks are opting not to use it. Once Wild Nacatl became a thing, it seemed like Lightning Helix was the lesser of evils to drop from the deck. I like how it is mainboard glory against other burn decks and how it can let you extend further by not worrying so much about fetching and shocking yourself in damage with lands or letting damage through. Yet, dropping them allows more freeflow play without worrying about a white source for it and the fact you're paying two mana for basically dealing three damage -- the lifegain aspect really shouldn't matter in most cases since you should technically be faster than anything else out there as far as damage dealt is concerned.

A Note About My Sideboard: My sideboard is still up in the air, I'm constantly changing it to meet the needs of MY specific local meta. Just keep your own specific meta in mind when looking at my sideboard.

Current Sideboard Explained:

Blood Moon: For Genesis Wave, Tron, or any decks really heavy on non-basic lands like fetches/shocks (this is Modern, there are plenty).

Destructive Revelry: For Leyline of Sanctity and Chalice of the Void mostly or really any other enchantment/artifact you need to dispose of, like Spellskite or Batterskull. Handy against Affinity and was decent backup for Splinter Twin before it was banned.

Kor Firewalker: For the burn mirror matchup. Get it out as early as possible.

Path to Exile: Takes care of big, bad creatures, and those with comeback effects.

Skullcrack: Substitute burn with better burn when necessary. Out come two Searing Blaze possibly and in come two Skullcrack.

Stony Silence: Amazing against Affinity and anything else utilizing "tappy" artifacts that you'd like to handle. Thanks @Mahna!

Vexing Shusher: Wanted to test this little guy out in my sideboard so I threw him in the single remaining slot. He's great dealing with Control decks that just like to sit back and counter everything until enough turns have passed in order to build up to their win condition. Would probably remove this card for another multiple of a current sideboard card that would be good (based on opponent deck popularity) in my local meta or if you're having trouble deciding, but do want to remove this card, another Destructive Revelry or Kor Firewalker are always great go-to cards.

Worship: Against Eldrazi decks. I chose Worship over Ensnaring Bridge, because often times you will have a very small hand or no hand at all, but you still want to send your creatures attacking. Also, enchantments are probably slightly more difficult to deal with than artifacts and if you really wanted to stretch it, Worship can also be a saving grace against other Burn/Aggro decks (imagine a Worship paired with a Kor Firewalker against another Burn deck lol) or even possibly against Tron or other high-powered creatures since your life total can not be reduced below one. NOTE: Now that Eye of Ugin has been banned in Modern, there is likely to be a lot less Eldrazi decks out there, so Worship will probably naturally need to be replaced in your sideboard.

Previously Used Sideboard Cards:

Molten Rain: For Genesis Wave or Tron. Pulled it to use Blood Moon in its place. Dealing damage and destroying a land is nice, but sometimes you need to take care of more than just one land ;)

Rain of Gore: For lifegain that you may encounter. Lifegain truly disrupts this deck and it's a pain to play against. Likely, someone may sideboard in some lifegain tech like Timely Reinforcements. DOES NOT WORK AGAINST LIFELINK. So it had to go.

Rest in Peace: For Storm or Dredge or anything that relies on the graveyard or has "come back" effects. I mostly had this in here, because there were four Storm players one night at my LGS.

Volcanic Fallout: Just a perfect creature cleanup spell for this deck. It deals damage to your opponent and your opponent's creatures, can't be countered, works at instant speed, and plays around hexproof/shroud and similar effects if need be.

Rending Volley: This was simply for Splinter Twin (probably has a couple of other uses too). But I hated losing to Splinter Twin, so this is your "fuck you" card against it. And at one mana, it lets you extend further with other burn spells, keeping the pressure on. Since Splinter Twin has been banned, this card will no longer need to be utilized.

Problem Decks:

These are competitive decks played by skilled players that I have lost to before. Not lost to every single time matched against, but just have lost to, so be aware and sideboard accordingly.

Affinity: They can often be faster. Cranial Plating hurts.

Blue Moon: Overwhelming countermagic. To the point where they stabilize and hit their win conditions while your burn spells pile up in the graveyard.


  1. 02/05/2015: 1st

  2. 02/12/2015: 2nd

  3. 02/19/2015: 1st

  4. 02/20/2015: 3rd

  5. 02/26/2015: 1st

  6. 03/12/2015: 1st

  7. 03/19/2015: 2nd

  8. 04/02/2015: 2nd

  9. 04/09/2015: 4th (only because top 2 split)

  10. 05/28/2015 3rd (top 2 split again)

  11. 05/29/2015: 9th place out of 22

Credit: My friend Brian told me I should try it. Also, @InnerFlame and @GlistenerAgent for all their input, continued interest, and answering all of my questions.

Here is my Legacy version if anyone is interested: Legacy Burn.

Thanks for looking and helping :)

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