"Kill a creature, destroy the present. Kill the land, destroy the future." —Kaervek

In my experience playing with mazirek the longer the game goes on the more desperate it gets. So why not just get rid of your lands aswell?

In other words the greediest mazirek deck.

Why Sacrifice lands? You get a ton of counters with mazirek of course!

Hopefully you also have a way to get back your lands from your graveyard... Or get mana with Gyre Sage or the other mana dorks.... Right?


Otherwise just a mazirek Sacrifice deck. Check out Rzepkanut's Primer deck for more indepth mazirek gameplans and such.

Removed wincons: Protean Hulk and Melira, Sylvok Outcast + Persist combo. Too fast and not really that much fun (Also pretty inconsistent). Mike & Trike didn't work out cuz mike is pretty much useless winmore card in the deck.

Feedback appreciated.



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