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Maze's End/Scapeshift EDH

Commander / EDH Combo


This deck has one win con-Maze's End. The combo the deck relies upon is getting up to ten or eleven lands and then using Scapeshift to find all the guildgates + Maze's End. In order to get to that point the deck contains a large suit of counterspells, tutors, land ramp and wrath effects. Apart from those other important cards in the deck are Amulet of Vigor, which allows an instant kill with Scapeshift, Life from the Loam, which is the only way in the deck to get back gates that have been milled away, and Boseiju, Who Shelters All which allows you to combo off without fear of being countered.

Any WUBRG Legend could be used as the commander but I prefer Child of Alara as it can act as another Wrath Effect, particularly as it deals with planeswalkers and artifacts, something that the deck can struggle with.

The deck was designed for multiplayer EDH but also performs well in 1 versus 1.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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