I'm still working on this deck. I'm trying to make this as strong as possible without paying fortune on it, so slowly I try to upgrade it. There is a list of cards that can play here, but I don't know if there is a slot for it:-Naya Panorama-Wood Elves-Contested Cliffs-Rith's Charm-Naya Charm-Ulvenwald Observer-Krosan Tusker-Eternal Witness-Vandalblast-Warstorm Surge-Terra Stomper-Rampaging Baloths-Tempt with Discovery-Hydra Broodmaster-Primal Command-Yavimaya Elder-Shattering Spree

I play in semi-casual environment with commanders like: Zur, Jhoira, Zurgo or Lazav.

So guys, please, help me to figure out what should i do to make it stronger. It would be also helpfull, if you tell me the direction for my future building.

UPDATE 15/03/2017 I acquired Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and Warstorm Surge, but I don't know what should I cut from the deck, any ideas?


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