This is the first deck that I have built, I just got into Magic TCG literally 2 days ago. Played my first few games last night (booster draft). I really like green and I like making unconventional themed builds in everything. So feel free to help me out, I appreciate everything. Have some mercy though, still new and some stuff hasn't really stuck yet.

Theme of this build is River creatures, going for a mid game aggro? I don't know if that's a thing. If not then I guess this would just be a mid-range deck. Haven't done sideboard stuff before, so I just put stuff in the sideboard I think could work in this build (so more like hey these cards might be good in the main deck).

Mechanics wise I'm trying to get the -1/-1 counters on and get them taken off with other mechanics such as defiant greatmaw, hapatra's mark, etc. Maybe a turn or so after that, power them up with other counters while trying to keep at least 4 mana left to summon a Quarry Hauler to superpower an already powered up creature.

Please help, I really do appreciate it. Also I would really appreciate it if you put a reasoning behind your suggestion so that I can learn and not make the same mistake again.

Am trying to keep it mono-green, as I really like the green archetypes. Not really a fan of the other colors. (However I will take suggestions for non-green, just know that I really would like it to be a mono-green). If this deck isn't usable I could do with a splash of another color, while still keeping a majority of the deck green.

*EDIT- I've gotten the suggestion, on reddit, to look at Nest of Scarabs and Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons. I agree and think these cards have good synergy with what I'm going for. If I add these cards to the deck (so a splash of black) I need to figure out what to drop in order to make room for these and some black mana lands. Or I could go over what I have now, which is 64 cards. ( I think). Until then I'm gonna add those cards into the maybe section.


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So after some more suggestions, and my own observations from playing more games this weekend at my LGS, I have made some more revisions. Mainly evening out my land ratio, as I noticed some times I would have a hand full of black counter creatures and no swamps at all (that deck luck wasn't there). Also adding in blooming marsh as that is a good land for those early rounds when I don't get much lands. I added in creeping molds as more often than not people were playing with enchantment/artifact of some sort and well if they don't I can pop it to take away one of their lands (which can be a bit of a setback) I took away blossoming defense as more often than not I would get wiped by a board wiper (very rarely was it just single target creatures) But I will think about putting some in my sideboard in case that doesn't pan out.

SO FAR this deck is doing pretty good I win about half my games so far.... AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE MY NEST OF SCARABS!!! I get them today so that will help out alot. Thanks for all your help and suggestions and please continue to give me feedback as I'm still learning!


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