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Matt's Derevi "Loot The Town" Deck

Commander / EDH* GWU (Bant)


This commander deck is based all around the card Merfolk Looter.

The core of this deck is a draw/discard engine including cards like Cephalid Looter and Jace's Archivist. It cashes in on this engine with cards that benefit from discarding like Spirit Cairn, cards that benefit from drawing like Psychosis Crawler, and cards that make their home in the graveyard like Vengevine. It goes on to finish with Kessig Cagebreakers, Overwhelming Stampede + Bonehoard/Splinterfright, Derevi + Bonehoard, or Prime Speaker Zegana + Psychosis Crawler+Bonehoard/Splinterfright.

MAH Notes: Expensive cards - 21Oracle 25seedborn 17stoneforge 24vengevine 20academy ruins 45 survival of the fittest Dual lands collectively are a lot


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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