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Minato Flying Raijin Level 2

The Nature of the Deck

The deck is 40% instant speed interaction so you will almost always have a response and you'll always have a good bluff. The play style is influenced partially from Land-Go Baral Control. This deck can win when another player is trying to win.

When drawing your opening hand an ideal hand would be a few rocks, interaction, two lands and draw. An opening hand should be a very low curve or a "free" spell you can pitch to, without losing a cantrip.

Good Hand:

2x Island

Mana Crypt

Mental Misstep

Day's Undoing


Back to Basics

Okay hand:

3x Island


Peer Through Depths

Force of Will

Fellwar Stone

A Bad hand would be a hand with less lands and no wheels. Your cantrips can ensure land drops and threaten interaction.

The Gameplan

Elusive. You feign resolutions, yet never lie. You will always have a response.

Example scenario:

[Paradox Engine goes on the stack]

You: I have a response!"

You: Taps

PST player: sweats

You: "I'll cast Spell Pierce."

PST player: Casts pact of negation

The next round of priority comes around the table you sadly let it resolve

Good job! You just let the PST player win the game!

PST player: I'll cast Isochron Scepter, Paradox Engine Trigger on the Stack... Any responses?

You: Taps for

I'll cast Ghostly Flicker, holding priority, I'll cast Naru Meha, Master Wizard. Does it resolve?

Of course it does. Everyone's used their interaction to stop PST.

So, do yourself a solid and Win on the stack

The main focus of the deck uses Ghostly Flicker + Naru Meha, Master Wizard to create an infinite mana loop.

The Loops Show




Narset's Reversal

Riptide Laboratory


1x Island

Illusionist's Stratagem



Gilded Lotus


Thran Dynamo


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100% Competitive

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