Just a basic token-spam deck designed to swarm the field with a disgusting amount of saproling tokens. There are pretty obvious ways to make it much better, of course, but the idea was to keep it basic and cheap for casual play. I've listed some of the most obvious cards this deck wants but are far out of my playgroup's price range in the Maybeboard, but they're by no means the only ones. Also in the Maybeboard is Nemata, Grove Guardian. A decent enough Lord for such a deck, just not something I'm able to acquire at the moment.

Early game defense is obviously in the hands of the Thallid Shell-Dweller; use the Sporesower Thallid to increase the pace at which you gain spore counters, and the Sporoloth Ancient to reduce the cost of turning those spores into saprolings -- with one of each in play, each Fungus you have on the battlefield can produce a saproling every single turn. Then you can feed all those saprolings to the Mylocoth, which will do you the favour of replacing them all on your next turn -- and every turn after that as well.

Evolutionary Leap is meant to help you replace saproling tokens with bigger, more useful Fungi; and Life and Limb feeds very well into both sides of Heaven / Earth (for which the deck splashes red). Heaven takes care of dragons, angels, and any other sky-born opponent, and Earth wipes the board of anything on the ground -- best used after you've just fed your entire supply of saprolings to the Mycoloth, which will be Too Big to Fail and run unopposed at whoever you'd like to point it at. And if you can't manage to get the Bigs onto the board, there's always Echoing Courage to inflate your saprolings to a point where they can take an opponent down without them (especially since all your forests are now saprolings as well!).

The deck splashes blue for the sake of Cancel, though any basic counterspell will do. This inclusion is especially important to keep in mind because of Life and Limb, which makes your manabase vulnerable to board wiping spells like Crux of Fate, Planar Cleansing, etc. (which are very common in my playgroup's meta, but YMMV). Hopefully you're going to have smothered the game with greenery before such spells become an issue, but it felt like a safe inclusion nonetheless. Because we already want red mana for Earth and now blue for our counterspell, the best land to cover all your bases without diluting your manabase would be the Frontier Bivouac .

That's about it.



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