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Marwyn, the Nuturer Elf Tribal

Commander / EDH* Mono-Green


The first in a series I call DEDH, or Dollar Elder Dragon Highlander, where no commander costs more than $1. First up, we try to crack Marwyn, the Nurturer. Drop a ton of cheap mana producing elves and ramp out to fill your board. Protect yourself by making your huge elves fight the opposition, then pump all your elves with your elf lords, an Overrun Style effect, or even go for an infect KO! Sideboard is added to accomodate players of all budgets. If you just build the main board it can be had for around $50. I had a lot of the decent upgrades and my version clocked in by Card Kingdom Prices at $25. Don't be too harsh, I'm trying to appeal to a wide audience here and any suggestions, upgrades, and alternate builds are always welcome as long as we can keep it constructive and all be on the same page. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!


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