Thanks for stopping by to peek at my Marwyn combo deck! The main Wincon is to use Temur Sabretooth and Wirewood Symbiote and another elf to generate infinite untaps and infinite mana. Then you dump the mana into a manasink to win.

Alternatively, a 5 power or higher Marwyn with Staff of Domination to generate endless mana and card draw.

Finally, you can use a 2 power or higher Marwyn with Umbral Mantle make infinite mana and power to dig into the deck for a Wincon with cards like Rishkars Expertise, Souls Majesty, and Garruk.

Obviously infinite mana will create a situation where multiple Wincons become possible, including Genesis Wave or Walking Ballista to end the game. Please feel free to ask any questions as I am happy to answer them.

Below is a sister version of Marwyn developed by Laurentian that I consider to be a great resources for other ideas. I have made adjustments to my deck based off of some speed concepts noted in this version. Please consider viewing this build as well!

Marwyn Elfstorm


Updates Add

Updated to show Walking Ballista in to replace Hurricane as a non-combat wincon that doesn’t require your health to be higher than opponents. Additionally, Ballista is a more easily Tutored mana sink due to the fact that it is a creature.

Also, Fauna Shaman in over Viridian Joiner as the redundancy for a mana engine was unnecessary and tutoring a creature is much better.

Additionally, Beast Whisperer is in over Wirewood Channeler as Whisperer is a blessing from Ravnica and provides insane gas.

Finally, Worldly Tutor is reflected as being added even though the add occurred months ago. Sorry!



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