Would you care for some wine?

This is my take on the Vampiric Bloodlust Pre-con deck. The direction I took with the deck is definitely commander focused, so I took out most of the life gain, a lot of the janky vamps, and went for it with tokens.

There aren't a ton of token generators, but with Markov's Eminence ability and the amount of vamps in the deck, thats ok. The other generators are Legion's Landing  , Bloodline Keeper  , Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle , two Sorins, and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet . Plus there is token doubling with Anointed Procession .

The only non vamp in the deck is Metallic Mimic , which is used as permanent pump for your vamps. Other pumpers are Edgar himself, Drana, the Sorins, Coat of Arms, The Immortal sun, ect.

Also, I'm only using a very light red splash for Olivia, Stromkirk, Boros Charm, Vandalblast, and Edgar.

So basic strategy is, kill your opponents stuff, make vamps, pump vamps, turn your opponents creatures into vamps, swing out and kill, or drain away those last few life points with cards like Sanctum Seeker and Bishop of the Bloodstained .

Thats the deck. Let me know what you think! I'm always open for suggestions, so don't be afraid to leave some! I've had limited reps in with this build, so I'm sure there is tuning that needs to be done, and help is always welcomed....Thanks....Good Luck, High Five!!

What we are dealing with here is... a VAMPIRE!!!

Vampire? What are you saying?

I'm saying, vampire!

But professor, modern sciences don't admit to such a fanciful creature...


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