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Marisi's Mass Melee - Rarity Restricted

Commander / EDH* RGW (Naya)


Second go at a list for a Marisi mass melee deck. Lessons so far:
- Pillow forting is a little unnecessary, as are 'everyone has to attack' cards.
- Opponents deal a significant amount of damage to each other once we've directed them at each other; lower power, evasive creatures are how we get there early, and a few powerful body shots from our beaters will be our finish.
- Lifegain and combo decks can be tricky; some tech is included, but focused efforts may be called for.

There's a lot going on here, waiting to be refined through some playtesting. We've got an equipment package, a goad package, an unblockable package, a bad-touch tribal vibe, and a handful of abilities that give our enemies some bodies to swing with. We'll rely on our opponents laying into each other to deal significant amounts of damage, and finish them off with some overrun effects.

My playgroup has opted to implement arbitrary rarity restrictions in our deck building to achieve a good parity amongst the gang. Maximum counts are 10x Mythics, 20x Rares, and 30x Uncommons. We can downgrade, 1:1, and the lowest printing ever is what counts, regardless of what is sleeved up. It actually makes for more competitive games, and more dynamic deckbuilding that is based less on pure "goodstuff."


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