Idea is to give out tokens to goad, then get in combat damage on opponents without killing too many of their creatures as collateral.

Blind Obedience, Thalia, Heretic Cathar & Kinjalli's Sunwing help by making sure gifted tokens can't block on the turn they're created. The first two will also hopefully slow down enemy ramp.

Cards like Curse of Opulence and Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa help take advantage of token gifting.

Mother of Runes & Giver of Runes obviously provides both resilience and evasion.

Green Sun's Zenith can obviously fetch everything from X=0 Dryad Arbor to X=8 Craterhoof Behemoth. Nothing from Swarming, Token Gifting, or Resilience though.

As the deck is quite vulnerable to wraths, Sun Titan & Sword of Light and Shadow are partially there to help rebuild.

After blockers have been declared, you can cast Benevolent Offering and give the defending player the tokens; they'll be unable to block you and will be goaded.

The deck doesn't take much advantage of Marisi's first ability, but you can at least cast Instants during combat without having to worry about counterspells. (Watch out for Willbenders and the like though.)

As Marisi himself will be attacking plenty, commander damage is a viable killcon. The deck has a few ways of bumping his power so that he can get in a 3KO or 2KO (or even a 1KO when the stars align). Inkmoth Nexus can play a similar role (in addition to just being a good backup player combat source).

Hushbringer is in conflict with some other cards (7 by my count, including Skullclamp and Craterhoof Behemoth). Still, I think it inconveniences other decks much more than this one, and you can decide when to bring it out. (Besides, sooner or later someone will be fed up and hit it with removal, so it's unlikely to get in too much of your way.) Note that it will nullify Varchild, Betrayer of Kjeldor if she leaves by dying, but not Ravenous Slime or the various token-making removal spells like Mogg Infestation, since they doesn't use "when" or "whenever" wording.

Soltari Visionary's ability is triggered by any kind of damage to any player, so if someone e.g. casts Rakdos Charm, it will try to destroy one of your things. (Thankfully, you can target Iroas, God of Victory, he won't mind.)

Creatures stolen with Insurrection will not be goaded when you deal combat damage to their owners.

Gahiji, Honored One & Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa unfortunately don't play nice together. (Unless <= 0 power creatures are involved, like Kobolds. Or Char-Rumbler.)

Since the deck is fairly reliant on its commander being out, I'm using Sanctum of Eternity as an answer to enchantment-based interaction (e.g. Song of the Dryads & Treachery) and indefinite non-enchantment stealing (e.g. Gilded Drake).

The deck has a bit of removal (7 cards by my count plus Sunforger), but if there's a problematic permanent you currently can't deal with then you can hopefully politically convince an opponent to get rid of it for you, since the owner of that permanent is probably being exempt from your goading fun.

Creatures you goad will not be able to attack enemy planeswalkers (or your own for that matter, unless you're down to 1v1).

Relevant reading: (Note that if an opponent wants to attack with a creature you goaded and the other two opponents have Ghostly Prison or similar, they can attack you and your PWs with that creature.)

Meta hate cards in the maybeboard worth considering: Titania's Song (and Opalescence), Angel of Jubilation and Linvala, Keeper of Silence (extra funny with Living Plane). These all increases the number of permanents that are effectively vulnerable to goading (AoJ keeps tokens from just being saced, Linvala keeps dorks from tapping before combat etc.), so I recommend swapping out token gifters for them.

The deck used to have a bunch of 1-2CMC dorks, but they were cut for land tutors due to wrath fears. They're still in the maybeboard if you prefer them.

Inspired by Gahiji: Forever War


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