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Marching Home [Angrath Army Aggro]

Oathbreaker Aggro BR (Rakdos) Counters Theme/Gimmick



When Angrath comes marching home again, hoorah, hoorah! We'll give him a smile and welcome him, hoorah, hoorah!

Army Angrath with Rush of Vitality as a general utility sig spell to keep things alive. The real gimmick here is abusing changelings as the amassing army to a variety of effects, like being unblockable with Changeling Outcast or unkillable with Skeletal Changeling . Rush of Vitality is a great option here since you're going tall on some very squishy creatures, it helps prevent destruction and nets you some additional life in the process to use with Dreadhorde Invasion


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This deck is Oathbreaker legal.

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