Hello and welcome to my build of Queen Marchesa . This deck is a flexible toolbox deck which relies on consistency and cheap efficient threats to win. This is a deck that really never wins the game early - but works on making victory an inevitability.

The games that you can expect to play with this deck will be highly interactive and down to the wire - never boring! This deck also is not linear - every game will be different! This deck works hard to prevent yourself from dying in order to win later. Consistent yet not linear.

This deck is what I like to call the 100% 75% deck. It doesn't do anything unfair; it doesn't employ any infinite combos and it lets other players play their decks, but it is 100% built to be strong and earn every win.

You'll love this deck if:

...you like having flexibility and making tricky decisions while playing.

...you like to play proactively yet patiently.

...you like having answers to almost every situation.

...you like a consistent deck.

...you like a deck that can kill players out of nowhere.

...you like a deck that can virtually secure the win without your opponents knowing that it is coming.

...you like a deck that can recover well.

...(More than anything) you like feeling like you fought tooth and nail for / truly earned every victory!

You'll dislike this deck if you:

...like attacking with a 50/50 Dragon with trample, haste, indestructible, hexproof and horsemanship.

...like heavy creature based decks.

...like playing tribal.

...like straightforward play.

...like tripling your mana or ramping for a million lands.

...like infinite combos.

Generally speaking this deck doesn't do huge ridiculous plays, but enjoys playing lean and mean and pretty much as fair as magic can get.

This deck is also a long term altering project with my end goal being having the entire deck altered - including the basic lands. I do the alters myself so its often whenever I feel in the mood to paint. Sometimes I won't paint a single card for months, other times I'll paint 10 in a weekend. Its getting there though!

I appreciate all comments, questions and/or suggestions.


Updates Add

Hi! I have been working on this deck for over a year now - in more ways than one:

It has come a long way from a group slug deck with cards like Ankh of Mishra and Spellshock to the beast it is today.

The budget of the deck has increased significantly as I have traded for fancier additions to my favourite deck. Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor were big moments for me!

I discovered Xmage and since have played over 100 games with this deck and its various iterations. Still not bored of it! Often, when I am playing one of my other decks and stuck in a tight spot, I wish I was playing this deck and had access to all the tools it offers.

And lastly - I have been slowly altering this deck with full-art borderless painted alters. At the time of writing I have completed 70 cards in the deck, including Queen Marches herself. This update is about my experience with altering.

I am a graphic designer by trade but am no great painter. I've always doodled with pen and paper and done a little painting at university - but I'm far from great. A few years ago I decided to learn how to paint Magic cards. It was truly a humbling experience as I experienced the unique frustration of being much worse at something than I thought I should be. Nevertheless it challenged me to improve and develop my skills. It also excited me to combine two things I had great interest in.

I spent a long time rummaging through my bulk commons and uncommons; picking out cards that I thought would work well as full art alters. I bought paint, brushes, made a makeshift palette out of wet paper towel and baking paper, and I went to work. At first my work seemed hit and miss - occasionally I thought I did a great job where all the colours matched up and the lines were clean. More often than not, however, the colours would be slightly off, the paint spilled over into the text box, the paint dried too quickly or too slowly, and so on.

But I got better. I have learned that the number one quality one should practise while altering is patience. You just can't rush it. You can't get frustrated. Those two things will never produce good work. It turns out that red and yellow paints are quite transparent - so you need many more layers of those paints to blot out the black border beneath and properly match the card art. It takes patience as you wait for each thin layer to dry, and restraint to hold off simply adding more and more paint.

Another thing that has helped me improve is recognising that an entire job doesn't need to be done all at once. Its fine to leave a card unfinished, or to know that you will have to revisit the painting. You can get 90% of it done and come back weeks later - it actually often produces better results as it allows you to see the work with new eyes. You will spot mistakes that you didn't notice before, and make improvements which you wouldn't have otherwise. You will also have a much easier foundation to work from as 90% of the work is done. So although 70% of the deck is now done, every now and then I'll pull out a half dozen cards that I'm not quite happy with and give them a quick touch up.

Once I have finished altering the deck I plan on making a Deck Tech video featured all the altered cards. But for now I wanted to put down some thoughts on the altering process. I hope it has been of interest.


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