This is one of my favorite decks, involving using Marath and other pingers to generate value with enrage and pseudo-enrage creatures. You get to do fun stuff like Star of Extinction with Hornet Nest and Boros Reckoner on the field, or hold up a kill with a big Marath and Grafted Exoskeleton . One of the most satsifying things, though, is using Gorgon's Head or Gorgon Flail to threaten constant deathtouch pings with the cmdr ( Shadowspear also helps with that, and makes the pings you use on your enragers also gain some life which is nice.)

Combos: Almost always in these combos an alternative to Right of Passage is making the creature combo pieces indestructible, there are several ways to do this in the deck. If it specifically says (Indestructible) though it generally means that Right of Passage does not work there, whereas indestructible does.

Forerunner of the Empire + Rite of Passage = Infinite enrage triggers. If you got Forerunner and Rite of Passage out just have Forerunner go grab indestructible Raptor Hatchling or regular Polyraptor for infinite dinos.

Pandemonium / Warstorm Surge + (Indestructible) Raptor Hatchling / Polyraptor = Infinite Tokens

Pandemonium / Warstorm Surge + Rite of Passage + Saber Ants / Overgrown Armasaur / Hornet Nest = Infinite Tokens

Pyrohemia + Cacophodon + Rite of Passage = Infinite group slug/Infinitely large Cacophodon, also gives Infinite enrage triggers.

Marath, Will of the Wild + Cacophodon + Rite of Passage + Gilded Lotus = Infinite mana/infinitely large Marath. This means you can ping everyone a million times by casting and recasting Marath and using Marath's counters to do this.

Pyrohemia + Cacophodon + Rite of Passage + Bellowing Aegisaur = Infinite group slug/infinitely large creatures, also gives Infinite enrage triggers.

Pyrohemia + Cacophodon + Rite of Passage + Ravenous Daggertooth / Imperial Ceratops = Infinite life, infinitely large guys, infinite group slug, also gives Infinite enrage triggers.


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