Before I get to the idea behind this deck I would just like to thank everybody for all the helpful advice in the comments... this deck has changed so drastically and before it was just a goofy idea with little to no direction. I will always appreciate any thoughts on the deck and would love to hear your opinions on the maybe cards! :)

Anyways this deck is built to drop cheap powerful creatures that we can pump/keep on the board with Vines of Vastwood / Heroic Intervention ... Utopia Sprawl and Arbor Elf make sure we can drop some nasty threats by turn 2 and hopefully Collected Company by turn 3 to overwhelm the enemy. Rhonas the Indomitable might be the most effective 3 drop because it's almost always accompanied by another creature with power 4 or greater except for the manna dorks. Also I could really use a sideboard and I feel a lot of the cards I would need for that are in the maybe section but I am unsure of what to use and how many due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to the modern format so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Lastly the Swords seem like a cool addition but I'm unsure of how to incorporate them without jeopardizing the consistency of this deck.



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