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Mana Maze Solitaire: Inner Demons

Casual Budget Five Color Jank Theme/Gimmick


Announcement: My long awaited (by me at least) third MMS list is now live. That means this format officially has its first trilogy! You can check the newest installment out here: MMS: Take That! (Which Was Taken)

And of course, my second MMS deck is still up if you've yet to see it.

A Mana Maze Solitaire deck with the goal being to destroy the five "Mental Illness" enchantments from Torment Block. Most of the cards have some sort of quirky interaction with at least a few of the other ones to make sure that no move is ever independent of the rest of the board. I think I've got the difficulty level just about right now but suggestions are always welcome.

Cards currently in danger of being cut are:

  • Blood Knight: I was thinking about swapping him out for Goblin Outlander. This removes the first-strike interaction the knight has with Cairn Wanderer, but it adds another goblin for Sparksmith to use and keeps the protection. I'm just not sure whether I like that it's multicolored and whether I really want Sparksmith to deal more damage more often.

  • Xathrid Necromancer: Not only can he prove really difficult to play around (something which has its advantages and disadvantages) but I'm not sure how to rule his token ability. Placing the token on whatever pile I'd like makes him less back-breaking, but I'm not sure it's very "fair". I find that putting the token on whatever pile the creature just died from makes sense, but also means you have to kill 2 creatures to get one card further up in a pile.

I'm also looking to put in some more non-basics. Preferably ones which tap for a color and have some sort of interesting effect like Barbarian Ring.

I realize this is a format that almost nobody plays and for which there aren't many deck lists online. (AKA mine and one other) So, if anyone is interested in it and doesn't know where to start I'll try my best to help you if you leave a comment.


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October 14th 2016: At this point, this deck is pretty much locked in. That's not to say don't comment on it or anything, just that I won't probably won't be editing it anymore without outside impetus. I like where the difficulty level is at and think it's a great non-theme deck to introduce people to the format, so it's staying the way it is for now.

Since I'm no longer working on this deck, I'd love to make another MMS deck and get it on here for you to check out. I'm a bit busy with university, so when that deck will be complete is tough to say, but do look for it in the...eventual future.


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