Ok, the idea here is to prevent the other player from being able to play by denying their mana. We do this two ways.

Bounce Lands

Boomerang , Eye of Nowhere , Hoodwink , AEther Tradewinds , Capsize , Consign to Dream , Recoil , Regress , Rescind , Churning Eddy ,

Destroy Lands

Choking Sands , Icequake , Rancid Earth , Befoul , Brink of Disaster , Despoil , Desecrated Earth , Destroy the Evidence , Maw of the Mire , Spreading Rot

We have lots of creature removal to make sure that our commander gets through so we draw more hate cards.

My first choice for this deck's commander was card:blizzard spectre, but because the opponent gets to choose which card is bounced, I changed it for Shadowmage Infiltrator . Shadowmage Infiltrator is 1 less mana to cast and draws a card, which could get us another LD spell.


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