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making a Kilning Lightning Bolt fast (Turn 2-3)

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Simple, cheap, fun as hell, the three points that define Pauper and this deck. Strong and easy to play with plenty of customizability. If any edits can be made please let me know, but no doubt that this deck will burn through an opponent and almost any creatures in your way for dirt cheap in classic pauper fashion. I'll probably edit this even more overtime, but as it is, even on bad hands can very easily win turn 5-6 against other competitive decks, and on decent hands turn 3 wins aren't uncommon (turn 2 rare but possible), but that's just red in a nutshell. The Sideboard has been made to utilize mass removal to take out weenie decks and slivers.

If you're some kind of wild fiend and want to win turn 2, you're in luck, it's possible! just very specific, but here we go!

In your opening hand you'll need 2x Rite of Flames, an Expedite, Kiln Fiend, Mountain, then 2x 1 drop burn spells (Lightning Bolt or similar), and then have another mountain and another 1 drop burn spell on top of your library (Or an Apostle's Blessing works really well too.). Then it's pretty standard procedure, mountain down, drop two Rite of Flame so you have enough mana for a Kiln Fiend and an Expedite, then swing and use the rest of your extra mana for your burn spells and swinging for around 10-16 damage, then next turn swing again with the last burn spell or Apostle's Blessing, or literally any combo of one drops, your opponent probably won't have a creature out, but having a burn or Apostle's Blessing is good insurance.

Congrats, turn 2 win you pyromaniac, this is also possible to win turn 1, just takes more rite of flames and stuff like expedite for draw and for buffing your Kiln Fiend, but yeah, totally possible, just like a 1/157520 chance or something like that.


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