Dragonlord Ojutai is a dragon of meditation, enlightenment, and teaching. Now some dumbass with an army threatens that and he must fight them off, so he may pursue his goals. The Elder Dragon must protect himself, and need be he will manipulate time to do it.

(as deck goes under changes description will be updated a few days after, so description might be out of date, sorry!)

If you're a fan of Voltron or Control, well you'll enjoy this deck list. But as an undertone I have a stupidly jank combo as a win condition.

As Rivals of Ixalan came out there were three cards that caught my eye, but one in particular: Timestream Navigator. Not only is the idea of manipulating time a cool concept, the art is great. But there was a part of its ability that I took particular note too, "to the bottom of your library." Now what card draws your entire deck? Enter the Infinite!

Game Plan: Cast Enter the Infinite and put any card you want on the top of your library. Then cast Omniscience to flood the board with enchantments and equipment to attach to Dragonlord Ojutai for (Putting Puresteel Paladin into play for free attachments, but only AFTER youve played all your equipment so you don't deck yourself) hitting your opponent HARD. Then play Timestream Navigator for infinite turns as she will be the only card in your library.

Voltron is the most important element of this deck, and it is the only real reason to play Dragonlord Ojutai as a commander (in addition to the control elements provided).


  1. Angelic Destiny, easily the most effective Aura to ever be printed. It is efficient, and powerful.

  2. Greater Auramancy while not an aura it does give our creature shroud after we combo off, preventing anything from killing him.


  1. Darksteel Plate simple, but nothing does what it does better.

  2. Godsend makes you the victor in any blocking that would be done against you, it gives you an addition 3 power and toughness, and should a, lets say, 64/64 card:Kolonian Hydra be thrown your way, Godsendmakes sure he will never be seen again.

  3. Hero's Blade is only good when played before you play your commander, otherwise its very mediocre.

  4. Lightning Greaves instant include

  5. Swiftfoot Boots instant include

  6. Sword of Feast and Famine is the only sword I have, but it is also the best for Commander EDH. Every single player in my EDH group plays black. Four play green. So essentially, for me anyway, this card says "Your creature is unblockable and after your untap step untap all of your lands." Supremely effective.

  7. Whispersilk Cloak unblockable and shroud, nuff said.


  1. Counterspell, what type of blue player would I be if I didn't play this spell? Its the best counter spell for its mana cost, its second only to Force of Will, but that is a bit pricy, even for someone like me with a $500-600 dollar deck.

  2. Cyclonic Rift again, what type of blue player would I be if I didn't play this spell? It is blue's best spot removal, and can turn into a board wipe should it need to be one. It is a powerful spell that has a spot in any blue deck, no matter the circumstance.

  3. Disallow, versatility determines the usefulness of a card, and because of how versatile Disallow is, makes it extremely useful. Tired of Sorin Markov putting you to 10 life? Tired of him entering the board? Well this spell can counter both instances.

  4. Negate, a simple but effective spell. While Essence Scatter counters creatures, in my playgroup non-creature spells are the most dangerous. If you're in a very creature heavy meta this spell should be swapped out with Essence Scatter

  5. Path to Exile, a white players saving grace, one mana exile. It gets around Indestructibility and its one casting cost. It is one of the best spells to ever be printed.

  6. Render Silent, a spell that can save your life when played at just the right time. It is the wizards design team running out of ideas, and sticking together two cards. Silence and Counterspell in one card.

  7. Return to Dust, a supremely effective removal spell. 4 mana for two exiled enchantments or artifacts? Sign me the Hell up. My playgroup doesn't play many artifacts or enchantments, but when they do, I need to have some answers.

  8. Settle the Wreckage , I traded for this recently as I had a realization about just how powerful this card is. For creature based decks, no one expects a card like this. An instant speed board wipe. While this does give your opponent many lands, there board is now ruined. An almost perfect spell.

  9. Swords to Plowshares, the classic white removal. Being played since Magics humble beginnings, the most classic and second most efficient white removal.


  1. Austere Command, as I was saying earlier, versatility is a beautiful thing in magic. This card has tons of it, it can be used to wipe the board of an annoying artifact deck, shut down a Karametra Enchantress deck, a token deck or weenie deck, or a more go large and wide themed deck. It is amazing.

  2. Declaration in Stone, while it is sorcery speed, it can exile many copies of a creature, or token creature for a low CMC. A friend of mine runs a Mono Black Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder deck and he commonly has more than 20 tokens on the board. If I pull this card, it can exile his entire board. Killing them after all has the potential of killing me, exiling is more convenient.

  3. WIP


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