I'm Making a Majora's mask themed EDH. The Idea of the deck is that Reaper king is general so that I have all 5 colors to work with, and he is a scarecrow so he is Skull Kid for the deck. I have 4 creatures to represent the Four Giants. Next, for Majora's Mask itself, Illusionary Mask . I love this suggestion and for the masks we have in MTG, I think it may be the best one. I came up with the idea that Maze's End would represent the Moon. If I manage to End, then the Moon falls on Termina and I win by moonfall. On top of that, I have a good amount of game reset cards and board wipe cards because MM is about the 3 day mechanic. I need to be able to restart 3 day countdown every now and then. Hope you guys like the idea and can't wait to get a full build and try it out.

Reaper King - Skull Kid

Agent of Masks - Happy Mask Salesman

Figure of Destiny - Link

Vendilion Clique - Tatl

Pestermite - Tael

Zodiac Rooster - Cucco

Sun Titan - Giant of Woodfall Temple

Inferno Titan - Giant of Great Bay Temple

Frost Titan - Giant of Snowhead temple

Grave Titan - Giant of Stone Tower Temple

Woodfall Primus - Odolwa

Lord of Shatterskull Pass - Goht

Wormfang Behemoth - Gyorg

Armada Wurm - Twinmold

Hand of Death - Hand in toilet

Silent-Blade Oni - Garo

Haakon, Stromgald Scourge - Igos Du Ikana

Mirror-Mad Phantasm - Sharp

Obzedat, Ghost Council - Flat

Knight of Stromgald - Iron knuckle

Kjeldoran Dead - Stalfos

Pale Recluse - Gold Skulltula

Tangle Spider - Skulltula

Kessig Wolf - Wolfos

Diregraf Ghoul - Redead


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I am almost finished with this deck. the Cards I need can be found here cards-still-needed-for-mm-edh

I am also still looking for Artists to help me with getting all of the cards altered properly for the end result, a fully altered one of a kind theme deck. That means I might have to take out the foils I currently have in place for things but I can't wait. Anyone who thinks they can help with alters, please email me at [email protected]

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