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Majestic Soul Stealing Swans

Noble Combo Control Mill Tribal W/U (Azorius)



Another late-night concoction. (Best name I could think of) I thought to myself, "I've never made a mill deck and I've never made a spirit tribal deck (To completion). I must combine the two!"

Lo and Behold my creation! Swans of Bryn Argoll noble with Drogskol Captain uncommons.

Mind Sculpt , Thought Scour, Jace's Erasure, and Shriekgeist are the main mills.

Into the Roil and Gitaxian Probe help to stay on top of the game while also supporting Jace's Erasure.

Saving Grasp and Mana Leak. Counterspell. Gotta have that.

Drogskol Captain the butter of the spirits! He makes them so very delicious. Oh you're only allowed 4 in a deck? Good thing I packed a tutor Drift of Phantasms!

Kami of Ancient Law , Kami of False Hope, and Teardrop Kami are reactionary while also being nice weenies.

Phantom Nomad . Block any amount of damage. Twice. With one creature. Sign me up!

Hundred-Talon Kami is in the event something goes wrong with Swans of Bryn Argoll . He can soulshift the swans back or act as a big fighter.



Crivaro says... #1

Phantom Nomad is even better with Drogskol captain. With a boost he never dies because of damage, because removing a +1/+1 counter is not the requirement to prevent the damage. It just prevents over and over again ;)

I like the deck Idea. Aggro, Tools and Mill well mixed together. +1

February 15, 2013 6:38 a.m.

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