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Mairsil's Jail for Combos

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Mairsil deck that ultimately seeks to combo out and win, whether it be through infinite mana + a mana sink (Walking Ballista, Oona, Memnarch, etc.), Tree + Hateflayer, or a Disk lockdown. I've also included a couple of other wincons including flooding the field with The Locust God, the Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo, or just making Mairsil unblockable and swinging at people's faces.

I've found the deck to be a bit durdly and solitaire-like, and I haven't particularly enjoyed piloting it when I'm basically stalling out the game and hoping to draw into something. I've added some tutors and more card draw, but I'd still like to figure out some ways to make it a bit more interactive without making it a linear deck that tutors for the same combos every time.


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