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This is my semi budget Mairsil, the Pretender deck. I think this is one of the most powerfull commanders that exist in MTG, and is so underrated. This deck is a combo deck. You can do many shenanigans to reach mid game, try to survive the focus of other players with mass or single removals. And when you have the pieces of the combo you can win very quickly in any moment!

This are the combos: Anthroplasm + Sage of Hours for infinites turns with only 5 manas.

Hateflayer + Tree of Perdition for insta kill. Remember that Mairsil will exchange the thoughness of Mairsil, not the Tree of Perdition, so lifes total of the opponent will became 4. Then if you want to do this again, flick Mairsil, because his thoughness will be the last opponents life, for example 38... Be careful!

Amaranthine Wall + Nevinyrral's Disk for destroy the table every turn for only 3 mana. Opponents will be pissed of, remember my words!

AEtherling + Torchling + Tree of Perdition you can also make Mairsil unblockable, attack, untap with Torchling or Morphling, and then activate Tree of Perdition ability for insta kill your opponent.

Finally, my favorite combo, AEtherling + Obliterate blow up everything! just flick Mairsil till end of turn, and attack opponents every turn till they seach for lands.

Then you have a lot of tutors for the pieces of the combo, or for the removals. My favourite is Citanul Flute , that search you the creatures, and you can cage it with Mairsil too! Then you have Buried Alive , Final Parting , Gamble , etc.

Last thing, but not less important, you have to give Mairsil haste. For that I include Fervor , and the lands Flamekin Village and Hanweir Battlements

Hope you Enjoy the deck! I accept any suggestion. Remember, I built it semi budget.


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