Mulligan swamps down to 3 mana in your hand (Expedition Map gets Lake of the Dead ) in order to get mana accelerate or, if you get really lucky, Ad Nauseam.

Then ASAP play Sidisi, Undead Vizier, exploit herself, then tutor for Ad Nauseam. IMPORTANT! DURING YOUR NEXT TURN, DON'T PLAY A LAND. Play Ad Nauseam, and put cards into your hand until you get Glacial Chasm, Sickening Dreams , and at least X other cards in your hand, where X is the highest life total among your opponents. Play Glacial Chasm and then Sickening Dreams FTW. (Use Mana Crypt/Dark Ritual/Lotus Petal to facilitate the casting of it.)

Last step, and most importantly, say good game as politely as you can to your ex-friends.

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