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Magic Junior 4 Deck Set

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Updated 9/2/16

Four forty-card decks for teaching MtG, especially to children (first grade seems to work when playing with hands revealed and regular prompting). All of the non-wall creatures have power equal to toughness with no (game relevant) key words, and there are no instants or enchantments. The TCG mid price is about $7.50 lower if you replace the Lava Spikes with Volcanic Hammers. Your FLGS should be able to provide the lands, but you will probably want four packs of different colored sleeves to keep them in order.

Other card options can be found at: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/magic-junior-toolbox/

Still fine tuning to make sure the games are usually won by damage and that decking doesn't happen often.

You can simplify the game further by removing the 8 sorcery, 2 walls, and 2 of each land from each deck until they have the concepts of tapping for mana, casting creatures, summoning sickness, and combat.

Putting a penny on freshly cast creatures works well to denote summoning sickness. A sheet that indicates: "Untap, Draw a Card, Play a Land, Do Stuff" can help with remember turn order. You can also say the creatures are stealing the other team's points and might get sent to jail (instead of fighting and dying) if that works better for the particular child.


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